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Chilling on a tank  (Belgrade, Serbia)

Chilling on a tank (Belgrade, Serbia)

Hello and thanks for visiting  my blog. Let me start by giving you some information about what it is I’m writing here.

About myself, my name is Max and I’m from London, England and grew up in the East Anglian countryside.

It was all the way back in 2011, when I was going into my final year and looking at what to do after graduation. With the UK being in the middle of a recession, the amount of graduate jobs being as minimal as they were and with prices rising so fast I wasn’t looking forward to post university life.

Late one night, whilst conducting yet another trawl of websites for jobs, I happened to stumble across a position with the British Council as a Cultural Ambassador in China. The specifics of the job were to teach English in a middle school in China and present the UK well. Living aboard had always interested me and ever since a little kid I had always been fascinated in China, so I thought, ‘ok, why not, let’s do it’, and at any rate the contract is only one year…

Well, the one year has now become 3 and a half, and I have no plans just yet of returning to the UK; especially as there are still so many places I haven’t seen, foods I haven’t tasted and experiences yet to have!

My aim with this blog is to cover what has yet to be written about. Finding out what to do in London and Shanghai is a piece of cake there are hundreds of websites covering big cities and tens of thousands of blog posts already about them. This blog is to cover what you won’t find anywhere else on the internet. Whether it is about small towns and cities in the countryside, bike trips, how to navigate difficult areas or university in China. It is my belief that the world is such a big place, why not do something out of the ordinary? shake your life up and give yourself a challenge!

I hope that you what I write will be interesting and useful (but I can’t make any guarantees!) if you would like to ask me a question, please do! All comments and questions are welcome.

please do enjoy and share,




  1. Hey I just came across your blog while searching about hainan on google. I’m will be going there for about two months in the beginning of May for two months to work on a research project in haikou. I read some for your post about things to do and see which have been helpful. I’m considering staying in a hotel, but do you know if it would be easy to rent an apartment or room for two months?

  2. Hi Max! Since I’m thinking about attending a mandarin course at Hainan University just like you did, I was hoping that we could chat a bit on Weixin if you’re keen on giving me some infos! Thank you!

  3. Hi! I am thinking about travelling to Haikou this summer. Staying at the hilton hotel in Meilan?
    Do you know if there is any bus connection from there to the city? Or what taxi would cost?

    I don’t speak chinese, will this be a big problem with getting places around the island?

    • Travel to Haikou, you will love it! It is like Xiamen, without the crowds!

      I’m not sure where that hotel is exactly, but communicating in Chinese is crucial, therefore if you can’t speak Chinese just have the address written down in Chinese and show the driver – it won’t be a problem.

      Hope you enjoy the island, there are so many great places to check out!

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