Going to Hainan University

In September I will start at Hainan University on a one year Chinese language course.

I found very little about Hainan University and the application process, so I will post on here details about how to apply, the university, the city etc.

I applied for Hainan University in March through CUCAS. They are an agency which specialise in applications to Chinese universities. The fee they charge really is minimal, all Chinese universities charge an application fee anyway, so I thought I might as well let a specialist handle my application. For a fee of about 300 RMB (£30) they processed my application and sent me the JW202 form and application letter, which is needed to apply for the Chinese X Visa (Student visa).

CUCAS also helps you arrange accommodation. One of the reasons I went for Hainan University over others, such as the Beijing universities or Sun Yat Sen University (in Guangzhou) was that Hainan offers all foreign students single room accommodation on campus. That is, you get your own ‘apartment’ on campus, rather than having to share, or live off-campus. In Beijing, to rent a flat, 30 or so minutes from campus is 5,000 RMB or more, in Guangzhou, near Sun Yat Sen University, the price is similar. For Hainan University the accommodation fee is 3,200 per term – so as there are 2 terms, 6,400RMB a year really isn’t bad. The tuition fee is lower too, 13,200 RMB/year.

For the actual application of the visa, you will have to return to your own country and apply for it at the Chinese embassy there. So, I am going to be going back to the UK on the 31st July and return in August to register at the Hainan University and move into my new accommodation.